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Plaette fruehstueck2 castrid eder

Culinary Delights on the Lake

Traditional wooden Plätten are inseparably connected with the lakes of the Salzkammergut. Start your day the right way with a breakfast on the lake – get to know Lake Grundlsee in the beauty of the morning light...

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Breakfast on a Plätte at Lake Grundlsee

Enjoy the silent gli­de over the mir­ror like waters of Grundl­see. On some days you start your bre­ak­fast boat trip befo­re the fog lifts, this natu­ral spec­ta­cle often seems out of this world, espe­ci­al­ly in the sere­ni­ty of the morning stillness.

Plea­se con­tact See­ho­tel Grundl­see direc­t­ly to make a reser­va­ti­on for a bre­ak­fast tour on Lake Grundl­see. Plea­se con­tact by email to seeyou@seehotelgrundlsee.ator via tele­pho­ne under +43 (0)3622 / 860 44

via email: seeyou@​seehotelgrundlsee.​at

or via pho­ne: +43 (0)3622 / 860 44

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