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Cruise over Grundlsee...

...Styrias biggest and most beautiful Lake!

Whilst Grundlsee is not technically an “Ocean” it is often referred to as “Styrias’ Sea” due to its size and beautiful sights.

Step aboard one of our historic ships and embark on an adventure over the relaxing waters of Lake Grundlsee. It is our biggest gift to share these stunning highlights and experiences that this magnificent lake has to offer.

Season: April 29th to October 29th, 2023

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Always in a hurry?

Take a step back and slow down the pace… A tour on the lakes of the beau­tiful Salz­kam­mer­gut area is desi­gned to slow things down and app­re­cia­te the natu­ral sur­roun­dings of the regi­on. Let the mor­ning and evening bree­zes blow away the stress of ever­y­day life. Schiff­fahrt Grundl­see owns no speed­boats, we aim to take it slow and enjoy every moment of our time on the water. We have time so sit back and relax!

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Passion & Dedication

The staff from Schiff­fahrt Grundl­see love the­se lakes and feel pas­sio­na­te­ly about sha­ring this incre­di­ble natu­ral para­di­se with all the intrigued guests who come to visit the­se tran­quil waters. Come aboard and join us for the scenic trip of a lifetime! 

Tickets & fares

Fares 2024

Fares 2024

Children (6 bis 15)
€ 32,40
€ 19,50
Grundlsee round trip
€ 18,90
€ 11,50
Grundlsee one way
€ 13,50
€ 8,00
€ 13,50
€ 8,00
Season Pass
€ 95,00
€ 45,00
€ 3,00

Timetable 2023

05 min.
25 min.
30 min.
09:00 am
09:05 am
09:30 am
10:00 am
10:15 am
10:20 am
10:50 am
11:25 am
11:30 am
11:35 am
12:05 pm
12:40 pm
01:15 pm
01:20 pm
01:50 pm
02:25 pm
02:30 pm
02:35 pm
03:05 pm
03:40 pm
03:45 pm
03:50 pm
04:20 pm
04:55 pm
05:00 pm
05:05 pm
05:30 pm
06:00 pm