Wichtige Mitteilung: Heute findet keine Schifffahrt statt

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Group trips to Ausseerland region

If you have bad memories of group travel, you probably never had the pleasure of travelling to the Styrian Salzkammergut with good-humoured and like-minded people... We always find that the laughter of a group trip to the Grundlsee can be quite infectious

Grundlsee flotte11 cflorian loitzl

Explore Lake Grundlsee...

While most lar­ge groups usual­ly want to make a full tour around Lake Grundl­see, we usual­ly recom­mend that they ins­tead make just half trip”. Why you ask?

Toplitzsee plaette2 charald eisenberger

...and Lake Toplitzsee!

So that the group has enough time to see the other beau­ti­ful lakes of Toplitz­see and Kam­mer­see of cour­se! By taking a shor­ter tour on the Grundl­see leg of the trip, the group is able to inclu­de: a beau­ti­ful walk through the forest, a Plät­te” boat ride across the dark waters of Toplitz­see and a visit to the quiet sere­ni­ty of Lake Kammersee. 

Grundlsee flotte3 candreas syen

No worries!

Nor­mal­ly we return your group to their ori­gi­nal star­ting point on Grundl­see. For tho­se groups on a tigh­ter time sche­du­le you can arran­ge for your bus to meet you in Gößl as you return from Toplitz­see, making a second trip on Lake Grundl­see unne­cessa­ry and safe some time.

We hope that your group enjoys their time get­ting to expe­ri­ence the most beau­ti­ful lakes in the Sty­ri­an Salzkammergut.