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Den Toplitzsee erkunden

It is true, there is no walking path around the lake.

At Lake Toplitzsee, a boat ride is the only way to get around. Why is that? Well, here nature has set the standards. Rugged cliffs fall steeply into the lake and waterfalls break through the dense forest to cascade down into the lake. There is no way to reach Lake Kammersee without a boat.

In the winter it is occasionally possible to take a leisurely walk across to the other side when the lake is completely frozen.

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What is the so-called Plätte?

Plät­ten are tra­di­tio­nal long woo­den boats that are spe­cial to the Aus­seer­land regi­on. They are were ori­gi­nal­ly used for trans­port­ing car­go around the waters of Sty­ria. Their design is remi­nis­cent of Vene­ti­an style gon­do­las and their flat hull allows them to dock easi­ly along the shores of the lakes. 

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What to expect on a Round trip over Lake Toplitzsee:

- A boat trip across to the oppo­si­te shore of Lake Toplitz­see takes about 10 minutes.

- The who­le tour includes 2 rides with a Plät­te as well as a stay of appro­xi­m­ate­ly 20 minu­tes at Lake Kam­mer­see. In total the tour takes about 45 – 50 minu­tes. Exact dura­ti­on is sub­ject to chan­ge due to capa­ci­ty and weather.

- The walk up the forest path to Lake Kam­mer­see takes about 3 – 5 minu­tes — and the­re are ple­nty of oppor­tu­ni­ties to take a break!

- The boat trips on Lake Toplitz­see run con­ti­nuous­ly wit­hout a fixed time­ta­ble. — Reser­va­tions of lar­ge groups may be sub­ject to small delays — we ask for your under­stan­ding in this matter!

- Ope­ning hours: 10:30 a.m. to 15:30 p.m. (exten­ded to 16:30pm during High season)