Wichtige Mitteilung: Heute findet keine Schifffahrt statt

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Hund1 castrid eder

Dogs aboard!

Four-legged friends are of course welcome aboard! We ask you to please, as on other forms of public transport, to bring along a muzzle and leash for your furry companion. People who use Guide Dogs (Seeing-Eye Dogs) are exempt of the muzzle/leash requirement and may ride on the boat free of charge.

€ 3,-
for dogs

Travelling with dog in the Salzkammergut

Tra­vel­ling through the Salz­kam­mer­gut area with a dog is always a rela­xed affair as the­re is lots of open spaces, many dif­fe­rent hiking trails and many places to swim and play on the warm sum­mer days! 


Dog bathing at Lake Grundlsee

You will noti­ce during the boat trip that Grundl­see has many kilo­me­t­res of beau­tiful bea­ches that are per­fect for swim­ming. They are all free of char­ge but you must pay clo­se atten­ti­on to which are­as are desi­gna­ted for dogs. The places desi­gna­ted for public bathing” are unfort­u­na­te­ly not per­mit­ted for dogs.

The Grundl­seer bathing regu­la­ti­ons inclu­ding all public bathing are­as can be found here: