Toplitzsee wasserfall9 castrid eder

A boat trip with children

Our boat trips are the perfect excursion for families with children of all ages. The youngsters love the excitement of boarding our ships, hearing the stories of our brave captains and skimming close to the water as the “Plätte” cruises over Lake Toplitzsee!

Details for families travelling with children

Pushchairs and strollers
are welcome aboard our boats on Lake Grundlsee. It is also possible to take them up the “Dorfweg” to Toplitzsee. Unfortunately we cannot take them with us on the “Plätte” due to space restrictions. We can store your pushchair/stroller at our cabin on Toplitzsee if you wish to take the children with you to explore Lake Kammersee.
Note that none of our vessels have toilets on board. Public toilets can be found near the Pavillon and Gößl landing docks.
…und auch den Mami-Check” hat die 3‑Seen-Tour bereits erfolg­reich bestan­den:


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