The tradition of the "Lechpartie"

The tradition of Lechparties here at Lake Grundlsee stems from the rich fishing history that has formed on the lake over many generations. Here in the Auseerland region, Lechparties are legendary events that are hosted in traditional cabins on the side of the lake. People dress in the traditional attire of Austria – Dirndl for women and Lederhosen for men – and enjoy a delicious meal of grilled Char (close relative to trout and salmon) that is cooked over an open fire. Austrian folks-music accompanies this very special invitational event late into the night.


The origins of the Lechpartie

The word Lech” comes from the Aus­tri­an word for spaw­ning” and the­r­e­fo­re hap­pens during the autumn when Char natu­ral­ly spawn in Lake Grundl­see. The fish caught during this peri­od are sor­ted and many are re-released into the lake. Some of the fema­le fish have some of their eggs coll­ec­ted to be used as wild genes” for the local fishe­ries. A few unfort­u­na­te male fish beco­me the tra­di­tio­nal deli­ca­cy ser­ved at the­se spe­cial Lech parties.


Transport to the Lech Cabin

We don’t swim to such an event! We of cour­se crui­se over to the Lech­hüt­te” on one of the Schiff­fahrt Grundl­sees’ many uni­que ves­sels. Enjoy arri­ving to one of the most pres­ti­gious events in Aus­seer­land in style!

Tickets & Fares

Shuttle Lechpartie

Shuttle Lechpartie

Shuttle to cabin, from Seehotel Grundlsee
€ 12.5
Pick up at night
€ 25


Ter­min­an­fra­gen für eine Lech­par­tie kön­nen an feuerstelle@​lechpartie.​at oder unter 0664 88282872 erfolgen.

Request for a shuttle to the Lechpartie at Grundlsee: